How my passion for cars started

As far back as I can remember I've always liked cars and trucks. My grandfather has this 89 Chevy single cab that I've watched him rip trees out of the ground with, is what started it I would say. My grandfather has always been my inspiration for a lot of things from being a mechanic to everyday life (he is a tractor trailer mechanic). Growing up, I was always told stories about him racing cars and being a badass but it was always different with us grandkids you know? I remember finding all these trophies from his racing days in the attic when we moved. I was very young and wasn’t allowed to touch them; come to find out his last trophy was won on the day I was born. When I moved in with him at 16 I started learning more about him and racing. While cleaning up the storage we found several boxes of trophies and I haven’t gotten the courage to ask for them yet but one day!

I've always watched or tried to help whenever I could so I could learn anything. Due to him, I've always enjoyed the automotive industry or anything with wheels and a motor. I've always wanted to build a car for us to race or fix together so he could go back and have those memories of the old days of going fast, breaking parts, etc.. I bought this yellow Mustang GT in 2017 knowing he had a canary yellow boss back in the day. Last year I decided to go full blown race car and he has helped me every step of the way. Also, I can't leave my wife out of this. She has given me that push to truly find my passion for something I can make myself happy with.