They say evolution is constant. Well, nothing could be more true about us. Created in 2012, Infrared has gone through many iterations over the years to land to where it is now. Back then, the goal was to create bold watches that were full of character, personality and uniqueness. Today, that objective is still the same and its a source of pride for us to have stuck to it throughout the years.


At Infrared, we’re inspired by boldness and initiative. More specifically, we started off by taking inspiration from where workwear began - in the garages and workshops of hardworking people who needed tools that could take a beating. There is a close relationship between man and machine in these areas which we think you can only experience while working. That’s why we’d be lying if we said that everything mechanical and powerful is not our passion. The bolder the cars - the more we turn our heads and nod in approval. So get out and take your bold watch to drive with your bold car.

Brand History

2012 - Infrared was created with the intent of using some of the newest high precision quartz movements.

We wanted to build our brand around the Swiss Soprod 813 movement with 1/100 Chronograph. Extreme sports and bold watches were our core identity and we hoped to democratize ultra precise movements to the wider public. 

2014 - Infrared was pushed towards even more extreme mechatronic chronographs.

The concept was to provide precise and complex timing for extreme competitions. We went for the ground breaking Soprod TM 16 dual engine modules that could provide 1/100 second timing; good enough for pro racing. The product lines were created around what was we saw as 4 worlds that required such precision: Land, Sea, Air & Fire. The brand DNA was already heading towards big and bold with models going up to 48mm diameter. We were the world's first to provide analog countdown that could track up to 5 times simultaneously.

2020 - The brand got picked up by new partners which decided to revamp the entire product line and direction.

They wanted to keep the core identity of bold designs and concepts while getting closer to a real mechanic’s point of view. Trying to partner up with actual mechanics & amateurs to create watches around our passion for precision and complexity.